Monday, June 27, 2011

How far is too far to push the envelope?

I don't believe I tainted this blog yet with the events of the possible discrimination that Tru suffered at the hands of a private committee that was holding a big event at the local park.  Now that I have taken the proper channels for filing a complaint and the only other option at this point is to proceed forward with a criminal action filed with the U.S. Department of Justice I am faced with some doubts about pushing the envelope.

What difference could it really make?
Is it worth the time and effort?
What am I really asking for?

These are three questions I am constantly asking myself...and because we are not often presented with the opportunity to step back and REALLY THINK, I'm very aware of the power that my actions could have, so . . .

What difference could it really make?
infinite possibilities

Is it worth the time and effort?
While I did contact the Office of Civil Rights and completed the process for consideration, I was partly driven from pure rage because of the indifference, which also fueled a personal investigation - which brought me some understanding of the situation, but still doesn't constitute the behavior that was displayed that day - references to Tru's ability to play on the equipment, threats of police force, and insulted when I enforced the rights of the planned play date to be there and use the equipment at the park. (An active participant from the committee, granted the mother of two of the children "supposed rights" to use the equipment, neither of those kids displayed inabilities.) Or if we really want to drag it out, maybe it's because I'm a Mexican - and lets face it I've been out in the sun for quite awhile, and my son is just like me, and he was yelled at and singled out among the kids, and he's only 2. So is it a compound of the White Supremacy crap and narrow mindedness that has bestowed Americans with their literacy skills for centuries.......the inferior are inferior? How is this even fair? How is this acceptable and even worse the reality?

Alas I'm kind of at a loss for words when it comes to answering the last question or other proposed ones that weren't highlighted. Just ask my husband and he will confirm that this is a feat in and of itself, but the fact was Tru, and is about Tru - and what she wants. So of course I can't really answer for her. The truth of the matter is that I'm such a damn good parent that I had a support system in play and a plan of action that was being executed in the first place, that even though the incident went down, Tru didn't know any better about it and was oblivious. Tre' my son, was terrified at the man screaming at him, but he's kind of shy anyways, and me well, I've dealt with discrimination about being a Mexican - I hid behind my married name, kind of shameful now that I think about it, but refused to give my husband's name when they were asking. (He was working at the time and not even present.)

What am I asking for? 

Unrealistic compassion and understanding on everyones' I asking too much of the world? I recently asked that on Facebook, and of the hundreds of friends, only one response. "You definitely are different..." Aren't we suppose to be though? So I choose to rise about the prejudice and bias and continue to carry on with my lifestyle as I see need fit.

I'm going to keep on dreaming of an America where everyone is love and respected regardless of race, ethnicity, age, disabilities, and indifference. I know of no other way to live

~Have a Beautiful Day~

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