Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Beginning of a New School Year

Well things are certainly just flying by me and I'm too busy to even notice. I am grateful for that though. Tru had a wonderful time at the conference and I enjoyed myself more then expected. It's wonderful to have a group of people that understand everything that is going on. It's great. I am so very proud of Tru. She has been well behaved the entire summer, specially since Tre' was all up in her face, and continues to be. . . to the point that he's been getting timeouts for being too over zealous in play with her. I believe she is truly learning to love him though, I caught them playing and tried to snap a picture and Tru caught me and shoved Tre' out of her way. So I try to play off like I'm not paying any attention to them with the camera by my side, but they usually end up taking it from me and fill my memory with odd angles, which is cute and my excuse as to why I don't take pictures like I promised myself that I would. I did get some of Tru's first day though. She was such a big girl. She got on the bus by herself and sat in her seat like a pro. The teachers say that she does well in class, there is still some frustration with verbal communication, but I am hopeful that she'll get across to them some how. This week we are doing all the annual exam visits that are required by the head start, yesterday was the eye doctor and she did amazing, I wasn't thrilled with the service but hopeful the outcome benefits Tru better when the new glasses come in. Tomorrow is the dentist, and then Thursday we are popping in meeting with the new Ped. Dr. that has joined the office since our normal doctor is booked and it's really more of a practical paper signature that I need, it's not 'important' per say, but then again it is cause the head start requires it. I'm glad she is adjusting to going back to school, and going to bed early =) She has even gotten in the habit of peeing on the potty before going to bed. Still working on the timing through out the rest of the day and trying to migrate the potty from the bathtub to the bathroom floor, but no luck there so for now it stays in the tub, blessed be the garden size tubs, lol.
~Have a Beautiful Day~