Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~Our fruitful fall~

Tru is growing so fast these days. We've been able to combat any growing pains with increases in stretches, and from time to time with tylenol if it's bothering her terribly. I actually witnessed her jump about 4 inches off the ground, she landed square on her bottom, lol, it was too adorable and priceless because my parents were here and seen it too. Then just yesterday, while we were all jumping on the trampoline and playing around, she said "Tre" - loud and clear. She jabbers all the time and carries on, but has a tendency to fall into a repetitive pattern that doesn't make much sense. Tre does seem to understand her though, much quicker than I do if she doesn't use sign language. A girlfriend of mine reports to me that she heard her count to 3, while I don't doubt that she can count, I've never heard it. As far as school she's continuing on with progressing this year and closer to the "lines" they have rigged for her than EVER. I'm hoping it's because of all the extra things we have been doing, but give her all the credit, even if she fights me most of the way.......lol. I don't care, so long as I get my art picture every Wednesday - that was my huge goal this year, to attend ALL the elective classes with her typical classes, we opted not to have her do art and the library cause she wasn't 'comfortable' last year, she's over it now though. She even allots me to take her shopping from time to time....I'm trying to teach her proper on that ;) Her daddy eagerly awaits the day she asks him for money, lol. And as for the diet, she's doing well eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, staying off the cows milk - soy or almond, she still has some bowel issues, but the doctor said its no surprise with the amount of cabbage she eats. We are down to only 3 gallon bags left from the garden - lol. We didn't really partake in the Halloween festivities of trick or treating - plenty of friends and family sent candy over though. We've been soaking up the last of the warm sun and enjoying the playground, awaiting the first snow fall......

~Have a Beautiful Day~