Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Sun

Things have been good. Tru does seem to be missing school. She's a very happy little girl right now since Daddy is home from work for awhile. We bought her nice size pool this year since she has to share with her brother and I. She didn't forget how to float from last summer. She's out of the float riders and into a suit with a built in life jacket. It's the new summer attire for her when she's outside because of the pond. She's also figured out how to get out of the fence. She's is so very clever.

Tru has been talking more. No sentences, but she just blurts out words sometimes. The most recent new word I've heard her say is awesome, which is AWESOME (guess it's easy enough to figure out where she picked that up from) I had asked her if she wanted more cookies, lol. . . Food is a good bribery tool with her. We've switched to the 100 calories cookie snacks.

She has been holding her ears and having more notable crying fits. Good thing she is going in for a check up on July 6th. I'm thinking the tubes may have fallen out and she's getting a build up again.

~Have a Beautiful Day~