Thursday, June 26, 2008

Potty Training

Today was the first day of potty training. First thing this morning I put her on the potty for twenty minutes and low and behold, she peed in the potty. We sang and danced & got ready to eat breakfast. About an hour after breakfast, I tried to get her to sit on the potty and she had very little interest. I took the potty in her room with her and turned the television on and she sat for about twenty minutes and got up without having done anything. About 30 minutes later she come running up to me babbling & I could smelled she was dirty. The way I figure it is every 1 hour and 1/2 I'll put her on the potty for at least 20 minutes.

I can hear her playing with the letter p in her babbling. I'm going to look up the sign language for potty. I have it on a paper somewhere. She's not really using many signs other than eat anymore. I know that's my fault by I love to listen to her babble and when we concentrate on signing she doesn't talk as much. She's been doing really good with the picture phonics though. I'm waiting for my battery's for my camera to charge up before I make a magnet with a picture of her on the potty. The other day she grabbed my hand and took me to the fridge, where all our magnets are located and pointed to cup. I opened the fridge and got a drink out and let her shut the door. She stood there looking for a second and pointed the Scottie lee's photo & send Daddy. I praised her on identify daddy, gave her the cup, & she ran off giggling.

WE'VE HAD ANOTHER SUCCESS! About four o'clock. She was with the memaw & papaw most of the afternoon. They tried around 1 o'clock and there was no luck. When she came home she at a snack & I sat her on the potty again. After about 5 mintues, she tinkled & hopped off the chair. We put another sticker on the chart.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


9:30 a.m. - Oh heavens does Tru Legacy have a temper. Last night her daddy tried to bring her into our bedroom to cuddle with us, as we usually do before she goes to bed, she stopped right in the middle of the doorway, turned around and ran into her room. Scottie lee tried to follow her but, she slammed the door before he could get through it. I laughed of course, but noted the late coming terrible twos. I waited for them last year about this time & was thankful they never showed up. They are here now, for sure! This morning I told her she was going to have to wait for her oatmeal to cool & she flipped out, started screaming, and stopped away. I ignored her & she ran into the master bedroom, she turned the television on, changed the channel to PBS, crawled onto the bed, & is still waiting there. I'd better get her set up for breakfast. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
10:30 a.m. - That was easy enough. She does so well feeding herself. She won't let me help her anymore, so I just sit & watch. She squishes up her face when I try to move the food around so it's easier for her to get. Then she'll throw the spoon down and just use her hands the entire time, so I don't touch her food. I love that little squished up face she makes. It's better than her screaming, she's got a set of lungs on her. If we happen to be out in the store & she starts screaming I place two fingers over her lips and correct her. It worked really well last week in the Dollar Store. I'll see if it works on our weekly trip to the grocery store today.

Tru did really well today. I took her to the public pool for the first time. She had a blast! She hated when the lifeguards took their 20 minute lunch & everyone had to get out. I sang some songs and gave her cookies, but nothing could take her mind off of the water & why she had to get out of it. I reapplied her sunscreen at that time but forgot to do her face. It's pink as hell now. : (
I feel so bad. I have aloe though and I've applied it a couple of times. I'm thinking tomorrow is going to have to be a mostly inside day for her. After we got done swimming we went to the grocery store & her behavior was remarkable. I think she was too tired to care what was going on cause the air conditioning felt great. Overall, today was great fun. There were a couple of incidents at the pool that were a lil' dramatic, but nothing too over the top. She calmed down when I explained what was happening or gonna happen & of course sang to her. I'm exhausted myself, so Good Night. . . .

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bring tears to my eyes!

Tru's speech is improving. The other night we, being her me and her daddy, were laying in bed together when she looked at the both of us and said "I LOVE YOU!" I looked at my husband and had to ask if I had heard correctly. He was as amazed as me. She hasn't said it since than, but I truly believe that one day she is just going to starting talking non-stop and never quit. I'm hoping the day comes soon. I can tell her frustration when she can't communicate with us. She'll start screaming and hitting her head with her palms. I've started restraining her and putting my hand over her mouth while talking quietly to her. She is starting to catch on that screaming is not the way to get what she wants. My efforts are diminished by others though because they give into her ever whim and tantrum. It's a long road, but I'll keep trudging down it till she leaves me in the dust.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well, another crummy day is here, but the sun is trying its best to come out. I was going to take Tru out to her pool, but my best friend says there is a tornado watch out for us and that I should just go sit in my mother-in-laws' basement. We've opted to stay inside at home and I've got the radar up on the computer. Tru wants to go out so bad though. I feel bad cause yesterday when it wasn't raining the wind was blowing so hard she could hardly stand up. It was good exercise for awhile but big things were starting to blow around in the yard, so we hard to come inside. I'm going to take her to the park again on Thursday in the morning before it gets too hot. Than we'll come home and hang out in her pool. The same thing we did on Monday. LAZY SUMMER DAYS ARE THE BEST. I bought her a bunch of toys to go in the pool with her. Some bright colored sticks, toy boats, balls, a float. NONE of those things interest her though. She'd rather put her face in the water. I keep a really close eye on her, but somehow she swallows enough water to choke on. She was starting to get the hang of it on Monday, but I had to bring her in a feed her some lunch at 2 p.m. Oh she had a fit. She was doing well though. It had been an entire 1/2 hour since she'd last got choked up. I could see her coordinating her self to hold her breath and lean into the water. It was adorable. I relief cause I was scared I was going to have to take the pool down if she didn't get the hang of it. I think it's important for her not to be scared of the water and to learn to swim. If have a pond on our property and my husband can't swim. (I bet you can imagine what my worst fear is.) I'd like to teach him how but I can't get in the pond till after Avahlee arrives. I taught the neighbor/cousins to swim. It made me feel better to know that they could make it back to land if they ever fell in. THAT MUST BE THE LIFEGUARD IN ME STILL. lol. Tru is certainly not scared of the water though. Which is good. I'm trying to teach her to float on her back. It's a work in progress. She just gets so excited that she can stay still. I've got all summer though. I'm confident she'll pick up on it.