Monday, January 17, 2011

"She's changing, into her own little person" - an abservant source -

(old frames in photo)
Well Tru has her new glasses, we stuck with the MiraFlex frames. I highly recommend them for durability, they aren't the most attractive depending on the size needed, but the company really works with you.
Tru's next pair of glasses is free because we were the first customers to request these type of frames, and the second. She's just growing so quickly. With her 6th birthday quickly approaching she is quickly shooting up to over four foot tall. I'm only five-three, on a good day. I am counting my lucky stars she isn't violent cause she'd probably put a hurting on someone. She's very stout and her strength amazes me at times, then worries me. Her odd growth pattern is wrecking hell on her. Her legs get really taunt and stiff, and her arms . . . she seems to forget they are so long & is constantly running into things. She is running though. Full force for short distances, depending on the goal. We are still working on the jumping, slowly. We are in desperate need of warmer weather, but won't dwell on those thoughts now.

We've been working on getting together Tru's valentine's. She has gotten through 12 cards so far, painted or colored in each one. (She's not really expressing interest in writing, like her 2 year old brother, but she does enjoy coloring to some up beat tunes.) I also intend to have her help stuff the bags, with home baked cookies and treats, stickers, the whole busy routine, she keeps subjecting herself to it now, lol.... It's been nice since there has been snow days and freezing temperatures. She was going a little stir crazy there for awhile. This morning she was a little upset about getting on the bus, the bus driver mentioned the snow and ice build up might be what the fuss was about - I'm guessing she's correct cause she was all smiles once she was on the bus and buckled in.

So this quiet moment in the house will be over soon when the terrorist 2 year old awakes. Gonna sneak some television time in, that isn't the sprout channel or nick jr. =)

~Have a Beautiful Day~