Monday, January 5, 2009

~Back on track~

Well, Tru has had her EEG and Tubes put into her ears. The EEG came back normal, so that's a big weight off my shoulders. The tubes have helped her so much already, her balance is imporved so much & some of her behaviors have subsided. She isn't screaming as much, mostly because I think she can hear herself. She's stopped banging her head all the time. She still does it when she's really tired and fighting sleep. I'm hoping in the next couple of weeks that her speech will start picking up. She was out of school for two weeks when the tubes were put in and then there was the winter break, so I'm happy to report that she was ready and willing to go back to school today. She was so well behaved at the bus stop this morning. She listened when I told her to wait until the bus stopped to load up & walked up the three steps, holding onto the railing, with very little help. It's amazing the differences I see in her already. She is kissing her brother every day now, upon request. She will even crawl up in bed with us and watch tv. She still has a bunch more doctor appointment to verfiy exactly how well she is hearing. They could tell that she was hear the octatives that didn't register before, but we have to go to the Easter Seals Clinic for more in depth observation. I'll try to keep this up dated a little better then I did last month, my computer had a virus and it took me forever to fix it.

~Have a Beautiful Day~