Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~Our fruitful fall~

Tru is growing so fast these days. We've been able to combat any growing pains with increases in stretches, and from time to time with tylenol if it's bothering her terribly. I actually witnessed her jump about 4 inches off the ground, she landed square on her bottom, lol, it was too adorable and priceless because my parents were here and seen it too. Then just yesterday, while we were all jumping on the trampoline and playing around, she said "Tre" - loud and clear. She jabbers all the time and carries on, but has a tendency to fall into a repetitive pattern that doesn't make much sense. Tre does seem to understand her though, much quicker than I do if she doesn't use sign language. A girlfriend of mine reports to me that she heard her count to 3, while I don't doubt that she can count, I've never heard it. As far as school she's continuing on with progressing this year and closer to the "lines" they have rigged for her than EVER. I'm hoping it's because of all the extra things we have been doing, but give her all the credit, even if she fights me most of the way.......lol. I don't care, so long as I get my art picture every Wednesday - that was my huge goal this year, to attend ALL the elective classes with her typical classes, we opted not to have her do art and the library cause she wasn't 'comfortable' last year, she's over it now though. She even allots me to take her shopping from time to time....I'm trying to teach her proper on that ;) Her daddy eagerly awaits the day she asks him for money, lol. And as for the diet, she's doing well eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, staying off the cows milk - soy or almond, she still has some bowel issues, but the doctor said its no surprise with the amount of cabbage she eats. We are down to only 3 gallon bags left from the garden - lol. We didn't really partake in the Halloween festivities of trick or treating - plenty of friends and family sent candy over though. We've been soaking up the last of the warm sun and enjoying the playground, awaiting the first snow fall......

~Have a Beautiful Day~

Monday, June 27, 2011

How far is too far to push the envelope?

I don't believe I tainted this blog yet with the events of the possible discrimination that Tru suffered at the hands of a private committee that was holding a big event at the local park.  Now that I have taken the proper channels for filing a complaint and the only other option at this point is to proceed forward with a criminal action filed with the U.S. Department of Justice I am faced with some doubts about pushing the envelope.

What difference could it really make?
Is it worth the time and effort?
What am I really asking for?

These are three questions I am constantly asking myself...and because we are not often presented with the opportunity to step back and REALLY THINK, I'm very aware of the power that my actions could have, so . . .

What difference could it really make?
infinite possibilities

Is it worth the time and effort?
While I did contact the Office of Civil Rights and completed the process for consideration, I was partly driven from pure rage because of the indifference, which also fueled a personal investigation - which brought me some understanding of the situation, but still doesn't constitute the behavior that was displayed that day - references to Tru's ability to play on the equipment, threats of police force, and insulted when I enforced the rights of the planned play date to be there and use the equipment at the park. (An active participant from the committee, granted the mother of two of the children "supposed rights" to use the equipment, neither of those kids displayed inabilities.) Or if we really want to drag it out, maybe it's because I'm a Mexican - and lets face it I've been out in the sun for quite awhile, and my son is just like me, and he was yelled at and singled out among the kids, and he's only 2. So is it a compound of the White Supremacy crap and narrow mindedness that has bestowed Americans with their literacy skills for centuries.......the inferior are inferior? How is this even fair? How is this acceptable and even worse the reality?

Alas I'm kind of at a loss for words when it comes to answering the last question or other proposed ones that weren't highlighted. Just ask my husband and he will confirm that this is a feat in and of itself, but the fact is...it was Tru, and is about Tru - and what she wants. So of course I can't really answer for her. The truth of the matter is that I'm such a damn good parent that I had a support system in play and a plan of action that was being executed in the first place, that even though the incident went down, Tru didn't know any better about it and was oblivious. Tre' my son, was terrified at the man screaming at him, but he's kind of shy anyways, and me well, I've dealt with discrimination about being a Mexican - I hid behind my married name, kind of shameful now that I think about it, but refused to give my husband's name when they were asking. (He was working at the time and not even present.)

What am I asking for? 

Unrealistic compassion and understanding on everyones' behalf......am I asking too much of the world? I recently asked that on Facebook, and of the hundreds of friends, only one response. "You definitely are different..." Aren't we suppose to be though? So I choose to rise about the prejudice and bias and continue to carry on with my lifestyle as I see need fit.

I'm going to keep on dreaming of an America where everyone is love and respected regardless of race, ethnicity, age, disabilities, and indifference. I know of no other way to live

~Have a Beautiful Day~

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~A Lucky Little Girl~

With summer in full swing and a routine finally down pat, I've found some spare time to update this blog that I've been neglecting a bit much, along with a million other things, the only excuse that I really have is that I've been learning to fully enjoy not having to work and getting to stay home with my darling, growing children. This is personally the first summer that that I've not had a job in over 10 years, and it's taken some getting use to but it's coming along well....despite two things that were bumps in the road.

1. Tru had a couple spells were she broke out of the house....

2. There after, she jumped into our pond........TWICE

(Sparing the frightening details, she was rescued by her great uncle & the greatest neighbor in history, both times) 7 days after the 1st escape and jumping, we finished the fencing all the way around the pond, which I've wanted since before Tru was even born. And instead of just reveling in that accomplishment, Tru's daddy went out and bought her a pool, it's only waist high on her, but never the less it's another body of water I've got to keep an eye on.

Tru's rescuer swears that she was actually swimming so now she is receiving lessons in the pool, she's got the floating thing down and moving like a frog, she likes to do it face down though, scares the hell out of me, but she can hold her breath for up to 45 seconds, possibly longer but I'm never gutsy enough to let her carry on that way and I'm always snatching her up and interfering with her good times. There has always been an amazement with how well she does in the water, but I'm starting to believe that it's her calling. Can anyone say Special Olympics??? Their branch here seems to be pretty active and is always working with parent groups and the community. We've done a few things with them, but with Tru only being 6 we're still pretty new to the circuit where she can participate. The first big thing was a 5k walk, that got rained out, we certainly did have fun training for the event though.

Tru certainly is fearless, and we are looking forward to her getting to ride the roller coasters at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana - 20 mins down the road from us. She's about 2 inches too short for any of their 3 wooden roller coasters, but we certainly do enjoy the water park and water rides. Her and I are both starting to slim down with all the running about, swimming, and having a good time. It's wonderful to watch her thrive, and I feel comfortable that there will be no regression this summer has there has been in the past.

(In an effort to be more organized I've schedule more time for blogging later in the week. ; )

~Have A Beautiful Day~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Springing forth with Spring

Heaven, Phoenix, & Tru - Mesker Park Zoo
Feburary 2011

In the spirit of spring and growing, my thoughts always return to Tru. Maybe because her birthday is in March, her IEP goes on the same time, and things are growing - Tru included. She just celebrated her 6th birthday - for like 3 days, (I'm burnt out on cake). There was a class party for her, which was great - I attended and we shared some basic sign language, I was surprised to find that a couple little girls knew quite a bit & yet again taught me a few I had forgotten. There was some beautiful weather so she enjoyed lots of time outside, trampoline style, running in the yard, swinging, and stretching her legs just wandering around.

The ultimate price of spring has started with allergies, I've stocked up the nurse at school, and unfortunately she now gets drowsy from the meds and likes to nap, just when we'd gotten her stamina up to attend all day long school - this issue is up for some debate, maybe.......

Speaking of school, we just completed another wonderful annual IEP meeting. I must count myself lucky for having such a wonderful team that is truly concerned for Tru. They have some wonderfully brilliant minds that are open to input and suggestions, which is saying alot now a days. I'm getting so know her aids at school and figure out the chain of command. In the spirit of trying to be helpful and include the structure program that Tru is in 70% of the time, I provided cupcakes for their snack in honor of Tru's birthday. Those ladies in there certainly have their hands full, but do a wonderful job of keeping track of things. I'm sure they will all enjoy their spring break. Which is where we stand now......

It's sunny outside but there is still a chill in the air, so only a short trip outside today - which will be just enough to piss Tru off - and make her nose start running again, not to mention that her brother has an ear infection - refuses to wear a hat and is currently sporting a mohawk =) The timing of spring break and sickness seem to coincide around here. Good thing I always plan stay- cations, hehe. We've got our Zoo passes, a trip to pump it up, and of course just enjoy our own personal slice of paradise and personal playgroups, so it's gonna be just going with the flow. Thank goodness for good friends and family that help me to help Tru be nurtured and develop.

We are introducing the Go Talk+9 this spring break ,and the school has written a grant proposal to purchase one, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this really takes off and is the missing piece for her to express herself. We shall see....Tru has actually gone off to her memaw's and papaw's house since I started this bit

So I suppose I should get down to some cleaning - and sorting through the toys, the plan is to organize things and get photos and voice commands recorded with the equipment when it arrives, for the Go Talk+9, I've narrowed down the activitys now it's just a matter of taking a good photo for the button on it, lol

~Havea beautiful day~

Monday, January 17, 2011

"She's changing, into her own little person" - an abservant source -

(old frames in photo)
Well Tru has her new glasses, we stuck with the MiraFlex frames. I highly recommend them for durability, they aren't the most attractive depending on the size needed, but the company really works with you. http://miraflex.info/contact.html
Tru's next pair of glasses is free because we were the first customers to request these type of frames, and the second. She's just growing so quickly. With her 6th birthday quickly approaching she is quickly shooting up to over four foot tall. I'm only five-three, on a good day. I am counting my lucky stars she isn't violent cause she'd probably put a hurting on someone. She's very stout and her strength amazes me at times, then worries me. Her odd growth pattern is wrecking hell on her. Her legs get really taunt and stiff, and her arms . . . she seems to forget they are so long & is constantly running into things. She is running though. Full force for short distances, depending on the goal. We are still working on the jumping, slowly. We are in desperate need of warmer weather, but won't dwell on those thoughts now.

We've been working on getting together Tru's valentine's. She has gotten through 12 cards so far, painted or colored in each one. (She's not really expressing interest in writing, like her 2 year old brother, but she does enjoy coloring to some up beat tunes.) I also intend to have her help stuff the bags, with home baked cookies and treats, stickers, the whole busy routine, she keeps subjecting herself to it now, lol.... It's been nice since there has been snow days and freezing temperatures. She was going a little stir crazy there for awhile. This morning she was a little upset about getting on the bus, the bus driver mentioned the snow and ice build up might be what the fuss was about - I'm guessing she's correct cause she was all smiles once she was on the bus and buckled in.

So this quiet moment in the house will be over soon when the terrorist 2 year old awakes. Gonna sneak some television time in, that isn't the sprout channel or nick jr. =)

~Have a Beautiful Day~