Saturday, March 19, 2011

Springing forth with Spring

Heaven, Phoenix, & Tru - Mesker Park Zoo
Feburary 2011

In the spirit of spring and growing, my thoughts always return to Tru. Maybe because her birthday is in March, her IEP goes on the same time, and things are growing - Tru included. She just celebrated her 6th birthday - for like 3 days, (I'm burnt out on cake). There was a class party for her, which was great - I attended and we shared some basic sign language, I was surprised to find that a couple little girls knew quite a bit & yet again taught me a few I had forgotten. There was some beautiful weather so she enjoyed lots of time outside, trampoline style, running in the yard, swinging, and stretching her legs just wandering around.

The ultimate price of spring has started with allergies, I've stocked up the nurse at school, and unfortunately she now gets drowsy from the meds and likes to nap, just when we'd gotten her stamina up to attend all day long school - this issue is up for some debate, maybe.......

Speaking of school, we just completed another wonderful annual IEP meeting. I must count myself lucky for having such a wonderful team that is truly concerned for Tru. They have some wonderfully brilliant minds that are open to input and suggestions, which is saying alot now a days. I'm getting so know her aids at school and figure out the chain of command. In the spirit of trying to be helpful and include the structure program that Tru is in 70% of the time, I provided cupcakes for their snack in honor of Tru's birthday. Those ladies in there certainly have their hands full, but do a wonderful job of keeping track of things. I'm sure they will all enjoy their spring break. Which is where we stand now......

It's sunny outside but there is still a chill in the air, so only a short trip outside today - which will be just enough to piss Tru off - and make her nose start running again, not to mention that her brother has an ear infection - refuses to wear a hat and is currently sporting a mohawk =) The timing of spring break and sickness seem to coincide around here. Good thing I always plan stay- cations, hehe. We've got our Zoo passes, a trip to pump it up, and of course just enjoy our own personal slice of paradise and personal playgroups, so it's gonna be just going with the flow. Thank goodness for good friends and family that help me to help Tru be nurtured and develop.

We are introducing the Go Talk+9 this spring break ,and the school has written a grant proposal to purchase one, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this really takes off and is the missing piece for her to express herself. We shall see....Tru has actually gone off to her memaw's and papaw's house since I started this bit

So I suppose I should get down to some cleaning - and sorting through the toys, the plan is to organize things and get photos and voice commands recorded with the equipment when it arrives, for the Go Talk+9, I've narrowed down the activitys now it's just a matter of taking a good photo for the button on it, lol

~Havea beautiful day~