Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Talking more & being and ANGEL

Tru's speech is really improving. In great leaps it seems. The other day I left her with my friend, the one who made me realize that sometimes I don't pay enough attention to detail. I had to do a bunch of running around & it was too hot to drag Tru with me. When I got back & was relaxing before going back out into the heat, Tru was just jabbering away about Dadda, byebye, Momma, go. I guess she was ready to leave cause when I told her we'd being leaving shortly she told me NO. She said it twice, clear as day. That's the first time she'd said it. She hasn't really used it since then, but then again she gets almost everything she wants, so she has no reason to say no. lol. She's been saying all her words really quietly though. I don't know what's up with that, but I've really had to keep my ears open for words. She says them so quietly that I can hear them when she says them, but it takes my brain a moment to register that is was REALLY a word.

We're getting ready for school this week. I'm making phone calls and getting paper work straighten out. I was really surprised that she had to have proof that she had attended the dentist this year. She went when she first turned three, so she doesn't have to go back again till March, but they actually need a paper saying that she's had a check up in the last six months. I'm really getting excited for her. Hopefully they'll keep her busy enough to keep her learning. I'm just so lame anymore that I'm no fun. We still managed our weekly outing last week, but it nearly killed me. I'm gonna do some painting with her today, maybe. I feel bad for her, but every day I get closer to my due date the less I feel like doing anything. It's killing me to take twenty minutes to even do this post. I've got no energy. We make do though. I'll feel better when she gets around the other little kids and gets to interact with them. I really feel that it will help her speech a bunch.

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