Wednesday, July 9, 2008

*Back to Normal*

Well, Daddy's vacation is over, so we are trying to get back to a normal routine. It was lovely to have him home though. The fireworks over the holiday weekend were awesome, but Tru didn't really fancy them this year. They were too loud for her. Last year it wasn't a problem, but she wasn't a happy camper this year. I didn't really push the potty training over the weekend. We were so busy visiting and running places. It was the first thing we did this morning when she got out of bed. She didn't go, but she sat there for a good 15-20 minutes. She fed herself breakfast & helped me clean up & she's back on it again. I try to keep the potty in the same room with her, but I really get tired of hauling it around so I think we'll just leave it in the living room. I can't keep it in the bathroom cause she just won't use it. I even tried to put the whole potty in the tub and have her sit on it, but she wouldn't have it. If she's in the bathroom then she wants to play in the tub. Oh well. I'm really just trying to familiarize her with the concept of the potty. I figure I have the time and it can't hurt, CAN IT? If anything it gives me a chance to interact hands-on with her every 45 minutes. I think that may be some of the problem though. She won't poop when I'm around, she likes to be alone. I don't blame the kid. She still hasn't pooped in the potty at all, is always been pee. I've started to only sit with her for about 5 minutes and then leave her alone. When she gets off the potty I come back to her and we look in it and I ask her if she's done and she'll help me close the lid or sit back on it if I make her. Once her lil' butt starts turning red I let her close the lid. I feel kind of bad, but she doesn't seem to mind.

It's a crappy day today so I've got some arts and crafts planned. I was thinking we'd make Daddy a picture that says we missed him. She really does to. It was the first thing she said this morning "DAD?" I reminder her that he had to go back to work and that's when she sat on the potty & looked at a book with me, so he was forgotten for the moment. She hasn't asked for him again, but come 3 or 4 this afternoon it'll be "DAD! DAD! DAD!" "bad mama! bad mama!". I truly believe she gets bored with me. I feel much better this week, so I'm trying my best to keep her busy. I'm gonna take some pictures of what we've been doing, as soon as my batteries for the camera charge. I'm took video of her eating this morning, but I ran out of memory. I'm going to experiment and try to add the video sometime today . So if the page is messed up that's why.

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