Monday, July 28, 2008


It really amazes me how much Tru learns from watching. That's why I'm holding such high hopes for school. At breakfast this morning she only ate when I ate. Which is okay now cause I eat around the same time she does, but I eat a lot faster than her & when I finished before her, she thought she was done too. I told her to eat & she'd repeated it right back to me, "eat". She said it more like a question than anything else. So needless to say I had to sit down and slowly eat some more until she was done. After I sat down though there wasn't any problems. I just wish she'd do more mimicking, like when it's time to brush our teeth or clean up. lol. Can't have it all though. She's doing alot of mimicking while coloring too. If I make straight lines, so does she. (Or at least her version of straight lines) If I make circles, so does she. If I stop, so does she. If I change crayons, she wants to also. Usually she wants the crayon I'm using, but she wants to be just like my little shadow, lol. It's really quite adorable. She's even trying to use the play dough tools by herself, which is awesome. She'll watch what I'm doing and then try it when I stop using whatever tool I had. She's starting to get mad when I try to help her too. She's got that "NO" down pretty good too. I'm really impressed cause she only uses it when it's appropriate, never out of context. I think I'm the only one she says it to though. I haven't heard any reports from Daddy or other family that she's saying it. Then again that may just be because I'm the only one who tells her no, lol. I'm so mean! It's all for her own good though.

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