Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Maybe it's just cause I'm 8 months pregnant and carrying all this extra weight, but IT'S TOO HOT TO EVEN MOVE! Tru and I did get out of the house early this morning and made it to the park before the sun really warmed everything up. She ran around for 20 minutes and then we laid under a shade tree for awhile. Apparently she had enough of it cause she headed to the car on her own. We went and visited Grandma and then Daddy while they were on there lunch breaks. Afterwards we went to the store. She was so well behaved and the cashier even said so. (The lady is always there when we make our weekly trip and has seen how upset Tru gets if she's into a mood.) The only fit she's had today was when we drove past Me maw & Papaw's house, & didn't stop. lol. If I hadn't of had groceries I would have stopped but the fit only last 10 minutes tops. When we got home I was going to sit out on the swing and let Tru run around in the yard, but Tru had other plans. She ran to her small pool, seen that it was empty, turned around, & crawled up on the porch and said IN a couple times while I unloaded the car. She really amazes me.

The other day when we, Tru & I, were visiting a friend I had my eyes opened to how stupid I really am sometimes. My friend has a lizard, is just a little one that lives in a 10 gallon aquarium in her living room. Tru was over there watching intently, just as quiet as a mouse. When she walked away from Alice's, the lizard's, cage, she was sticking her tough in and out of her mouth. Just like the lizard does. I, being the simple minded adult I am, asked her what she was doing. It took a younger version of myself, an almost 17 year old, to remind me that was what lizards do & Tru was mimicking what Alice was doing. DUH! How stupid am I? I work with her daily of trying to get her to mimic different behaviors and activities & here she's doing it on her own & I'm questioning what she's doing. Needless to say, once again Tru has put me in my place.

Just a little side note, I have started to chart Tru's behavior & must say that it's amazing how good of a child she is. The whole chart is either green or yellow. There is only 1 little spot of red on it in the past two days. And that was only cause Mommy didn't stop when we went past Me maw & Papaw's. Tru really is such a good child & has done me proud the last couple of days with feeding herself, helping dress herself, being well behaved in public, and keeping herself entertained when I'm too tired to even move. I AM THE LUCKIEST MOMMY ALIVE!

I almost forgot to mention that she is improving her speech with the sing-a-long video she's fascinated with right now. She's humming and trying her best to sing along. There's a song on there, Barefooting, ever time they sing "We're barefooting" she trys to say it too & she either looks or touches her feet at the same time. I love the actually comprehension that she is starting to display at the oddest moments.

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