Saturday, July 26, 2008

~Getting ready for a new school/year~

Well it has been confirmed that Tru will attend the LHDC Headstart on September 2. I'm glad it's not next month. I've really been enjoying the time we've been having together these last couple months I haven't had to work & it's just been me & her. Next week she has to go to the doctor to get her physical for school, & shots. ugh! It's been awhile since she's had to get stuck with a needle, so it'll be a hectic day for her. She has to have her hemoglobin checked and have a lead test. In the last week of August, mere days after having Avahlee, the teachers from the school are going to come out here for a home visit with Tru. They want to have interaction with her one on one before the other kids are mixed in. I didn't think to ask them if that was because she is special needs or if they do that with all the children. It doesn't bother me, I actually think it's kind of smart, needless to say I was impressed. I believe whole heartily that being around those other little kids is going to help her tremendously. I'm updating the handbook of Tru's communication, so that they can understand her. I was going to make more pecs magnets for everyone's house, but we never really GO anywhere for too long & she really only uses the one w/ Daddy's picture on it. She'll point to the one that we do before we brush her teeth, but it's only cause she thinks the lil' boy is cute, or something, cause she has a fit when we brush her teeth, unless she's in the tub & I sing. I wish I had a video camera so I could share her giggle with the world. She'll point to Daddy's picture and I'll give her the magnet & she'll run off giggling. She doesn't chew on it, rephrase that. . .she hasn't yet. Her last IEP, or what ever they are calling it this year, was really pushing the PECS for communication, so we've been working with it. I really feel out of the loop cause she didn't have scheduled therapies all summer, I've done what I could and she's coming along, but I really noticed a plateau, even a little decline, with her speach, behavior, use of fine and gross motor skills, next summer I'm going to have to enroll her in camp or get private therapies of some sort. She needs constant interaction for improvements and growth. I would never dream of denying her that, but . . . I've always felt a little guilty that I went back to work right after she was born, I lost all that precious time. . . . I still got plenty up these sleeves for my angel girl though. She's excited about school though. She's going to be riding the bus this year too. It's not one of the big yellow school buses, it's more like the supped-up van /buses I drove for the nursing home. The only thing I worry about that is, she has a fit when we leave the school. I guess we'll see when the time comes. I just want her to have fun and be happy. I don't want the experience to frighten her to death, I can't go with her though, even if I wanted to, I'll have Avahlee . . . . . . I pray it's just like last March, when she started preschool at PC. She won't need me, too much. I still have to work out the therapies w/ the people at PC, but they are still on vacation until the 12th of Aug. so no one has responded to my inquires, I've made plenty to no avail. I'm confidant that sometime between the 12th of Aug. and the 2nd of Sept. I'll get it straighten out. That's the time frame & I'm sticking with it. Getting glasses for her is the next thing to, I'm tired of waiting for the insurance company. I'm going to make a couple more phone calls, but if it doesn't happen quick, I'll just pay out of pocket. . . . I guess. Well I gotta go, Tru is awake, she'll be asking for breakfast soon.

~Have A Beautiful Day~

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