Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Well, another crummy day is here, but the sun is trying its best to come out. I was going to take Tru out to her pool, but my best friend says there is a tornado watch out for us and that I should just go sit in my mother-in-laws' basement. We've opted to stay inside at home and I've got the radar up on the computer. Tru wants to go out so bad though. I feel bad cause yesterday when it wasn't raining the wind was blowing so hard she could hardly stand up. It was good exercise for awhile but big things were starting to blow around in the yard, so we hard to come inside. I'm going to take her to the park again on Thursday in the morning before it gets too hot. Than we'll come home and hang out in her pool. The same thing we did on Monday. LAZY SUMMER DAYS ARE THE BEST. I bought her a bunch of toys to go in the pool with her. Some bright colored sticks, toy boats, balls, a float. NONE of those things interest her though. She'd rather put her face in the water. I keep a really close eye on her, but somehow she swallows enough water to choke on. She was starting to get the hang of it on Monday, but I had to bring her in a feed her some lunch at 2 p.m. Oh she had a fit. She was doing well though. It had been an entire 1/2 hour since she'd last got choked up. I could see her coordinating her self to hold her breath and lean into the water. It was adorable. I relief cause I was scared I was going to have to take the pool down if she didn't get the hang of it. I think it's important for her not to be scared of the water and to learn to swim. If have a pond on our property and my husband can't swim. (I bet you can imagine what my worst fear is.) I'd like to teach him how but I can't get in the pond till after Avahlee arrives. I taught the neighbor/cousins to swim. It made me feel better to know that they could make it back to land if they ever fell in. THAT MUST BE THE LIFEGUARD IN ME STILL. lol. Tru is certainly not scared of the water though. Which is good. I'm trying to teach her to float on her back. It's a work in progress. She just gets so excited that she can stay still. I've got all summer though. I'm confident she'll pick up on it.

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