Monday, June 16, 2008

Bring tears to my eyes!

Tru's speech is improving. The other night we, being her me and her daddy, were laying in bed together when she looked at the both of us and said "I LOVE YOU!" I looked at my husband and had to ask if I had heard correctly. He was as amazed as me. She hasn't said it since than, but I truly believe that one day she is just going to starting talking non-stop and never quit. I'm hoping the day comes soon. I can tell her frustration when she can't communicate with us. She'll start screaming and hitting her head with her palms. I've started restraining her and putting my hand over her mouth while talking quietly to her. She is starting to catch on that screaming is not the way to get what she wants. My efforts are diminished by others though because they give into her ever whim and tantrum. It's a long road, but I'll keep trudging down it till she leaves me in the dust.

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