Friday, May 30, 2008


Much to my relief school is out for summer. I just feel better having her home with me. I know that here she will receive the utmost attention and be included in all activities. I have witnessed first hand Tru being excluded from the class. I'm not just talking about the field trip incident either. It was little things I saw when I would pick her up or swing by when I was volunteering. The class would be singing and dancing and poor lil' Tru would be sitting by herself away from the entire class. I'm not blaming the teachers, even though it's their responsibilities to include all the children. There is only so much 3 teachers can do with 25 students. I have already enrolled her in a smaller school for next year. I'll have to put her on the bus, but by the time school comes around again, Tru's little sister, Avahlee, will be here. This new school only has a class of 17 or 18 kids, but there are 8 different women who help with the kids. Both my husband & I think that ratio is much better. I have spoken with the teachers, bus drivers, and cooks & all of the ladies appear to be caring, loving, and concerned individuals. The classes are Monday thru Thursday 9 a.m. - 12. I really like that. It's been so hard for me to have to let her go. I even admit that I did keep her home a couple of times and pick her up early just because it was a beautiful day outside. I know that sounds terrible, but . . . well there is no excuse for it but I couldn't help myself. Now we have the next 2 1/2 months to do as we please. YEAH! Yesterday we went to the park. Tru had a blast. I helped her crawl up the slides and all over everything. And of course. . . she had to swing. Then we went and got ice cream and visited the old folks home. It was a tiring day for her. She slept all night and in late. Today is a lame day though cause I'm not feeling the best. My third trimester isn't starting off all that hot. It won't hold us down though. I am planning a trip to the pool soon. We can't swim in the pond cause there is bacteria in it that could harm Avahlee. We'll I've got to go entertain the little one, PAINTING since we are staying inside.

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