Saturday, May 3, 2008

Well, I have spoken with the teacher about Tru attending the field trip next year. Well, I tried to speak, she brushed me off and said we would talk about it next year when the time got closer. I have written the incident down and tend to bring it up at the meeting that is setup for the end of the year. I can't wait till this teacher retires. She is a royal pain in the arse. Those kind of people are everywhere though. I have learned to deal with them rather nicely though. If I have to deal with them at all, that is. The book fair was a great success though. They raised money and bunches of children got wonderful books. I also made some wonderful contacts. I am going to look into a couple other preschools for next year. I got to meet the ex-president of the PTO, that no longer exists. The PTO is in limbo. The ex-president also has a special needs child, so we hit it off right away. We exchanged numbers. She's the one who actually referred me to the preschool that I am looking into. It is a church based school, but I have actually attended that church before and I really enjoyed the setting. That was almost ten years ago, but my sources tell me that not much has changed. I wouldn't mind going back to church myself. I have the time now. That was always my excuse, I had to work most weekends and nights so I couldn't attend services. Anyways! (My mind was wandering.) I am also looking into the Co-op based preschool for next year. Tru has caught onto the schedule of being in school and seems to care less if I stay or not. I may hang around for a few, but I've learned to let her be a little more independent. She is growing up so fast that is scares me. She is going to be a big sister in August. She knows it too. We bought her the Dora edition of becoming a big sister and talk to her about it all the time. Now that I am really starting to show, she will come up and lift up my shirt. (She is going around and lifting up every body's shirts now.) I tell her that her little sister, Avahlee, is in there right now. Every once in awhile, if she's feeling real lovey, she'll kiss my belly. She was mad at me the other day though, cause I made her come inside, she walked over to me after pouting for awhile and lifted my shirt and smacked my stomach. I was so shocked. I grabbed her hand and sat her down and gave her a three minute time out. I didn't yell, but I firmly told her that wasn't nice and that she wasn't allowed to hit people. She hasn't done it again and I haven't received any notes about her hitting the other children. I think she was just really tired and worn out that day. That was the whole reason why we came back in, but I never want her to express herself with violence. The emotions that she is expressing is healthy, but I don't want her actions to become harmful to herself or others. I haven't really had that problem with her before. She use to bang her head when she was one or so, but she grew out of it. I guess we'll have to wait and see, just like everything else we've encountered.

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