Friday, April 11, 2008

School Issues

Sorry if I get a little worked up, but it is to be expected when my kid is involved. She is adjusting well and much quicker to school then I could have hoped. They have a field trip coming up and I was told that she couldn't go unless I attended, because she has a tendency to scream. I thought that was a reasonable request and offered to attend with the class,but my efforts were shot down. I really got the feeling that the teacher didn't want to bring her at all, even if I did go. They are going to several different businesses in town. The only one I think Tru would enjoy would be the fire dept. I had originally told them that I would keep her home with me that day. (I am sure I could walk into the fire dept. and they would give us a tour anytime, so I wasn't worried about her missing out.) Then I come to find out that another little boy in her class wasn't invited to attend without his mother either. That other little boy is the only other special needs child in Tru's class. Last year he wasn't invited to attend either,they told him he could go this year. I felt dayjavue cause that's exactly what they told me, "Tru will have two more chances to go".I believed that, but I know that I can't attend next year cause I will be working whereas I am not working this year. It almost makes me believe that they are discriminating against the special needs children. They know these children need special attention and require some help, so why aren't they making it available and why are my attempts to help being shot down? I am volunteering at the school book fair on Mon. and Tues. so I am going to ask around about the principal and superintendent and she how others preceive them before I decide excatly how the matter will be handled. I won't forget about it, but I don't intend to be backed into any more corners by any bullies.


Debbie said...

I'm not sure where you live, but here in Oklahoma, kids with special needs get the same opportunities that typical kids get. They may need parental supervision, but they would still get to go. Does Tru have a teacher's assistant at school?

Debbie, mom to Jacoby, -1p36

Phoenix said...

To Debbie--

Unfortunately Indiana is far behind in the area of Special Needs in the school system. There is legislation going on right now to change that, so like so much else, we wait & see. Next year should be better because of the new school & I'm hoping that the legislation goes through and into affect in the next two years before Tru goes back into the public school system. I vote so all I can do is hope now.

Phoenix, mom to Tru, 1p36 deletion