Tuesday, October 5, 2010

[Unemployed again, so I'm back]

Yet again, several months in between my posts, something things can not be helped. But in all honesty I've really had nothing to write about. Tru Legacy is one of the most happy and healthy kids I know, she just won't talk, she has the ability to, I know she does cause I am her mother and hear it and encourage it and will hold out till she uses some form of words or sign. And it's finally paying off. Tru is in Kindergarten now, working with the teachers as asked, using her signs, completing tasks. She thoroughly enjoys her integrated class times. And everyone that has a say in Tru's education respects my opinion and thinks I've done a wonderful job raising her. So not much to report.......except;

Tru finally went #2 on the potty!! (Yes, I am excited over shite) Bless my adoring husband Scottie Lee, he caught her before she went in her diaper a couple weeks ago and got her on the potty in time. It's renewed my efforts personally - And I have had a couple #1 success since then, so it's still a work in progress. Just like everything else in life.

I know I've mentioned it before, but Tru has the tiniest ear canals. She is currently on her second set of tubes. And it looks like those are going to have to be removed and a new set put in, right on schedule. Tubes only last her about 18 months, but will not fall out on their own, she gets (figure the misspelling) polyps, growth of scar/fat tissue over the opening of the tubes.Her ears are draining some nasty crud, and they tell me that it's normal and all is well. And most of the time Tru doesn't seem to be in discomfort. When the drainage is really heavy, she does mess with her ears, but the real trick of finding out if her ears really hurt her is to brush her hair and fix it up.

That's our standardized test for getting to stay home because of her ears. Shhh.... don't tell her that. She pulled a quick one on me in the second week of kindergarten. She fussed and whined for her aides and the nurses. I went and picked her up and the moment I walked through the nurse's door - Tru was smiling and started to sign for play, book, song, eat, all at once. At home she was a delight and was fine. Even got along and played with her brother. My dad was never so pleased that Tru pulled on over on mom. I've wised up though =)

~Have a Beautiful Day~

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