Monday, January 4, 2010


~General Update~
It's been so long since I've posted, so I apologize in advance for the long post. So many great things have happened since the last post. Tru is thriving in school. Her concentration is starting to really improve. She'll sit down for a task and complete it, even if it takes 20 minutes!, this may not sound like much to some, but for us it is a great accomplishment. Her trunk strength is slowly increasing. Just this morning she climbed into a Blazer, which I have problems getting into sometimes, so I'm very pleased that we got the trampoline for Christmas. It's too cold now, but I just know that this summer she's going to love it and that it'll help her continue to increase her strength. She's growing up so fast. She's learning and continue to amazes me everyday. I'm very proud of how she adjusted to her baby brother. We seldom have the terrible meltdowns that followed Tre's birth. Tru is learning to deal with her frustration, we still get some head banging when she doesn't get her way, but practicing breathing exercises with her has really helped. The teachers at her Headstart finally got an aide for her approved. It's always so slow when I have to rely on the school system-whom provided the aide, after the Headstart teachers kept pushing & I threatened to talk to the superintendent. (I SOOO fear the end of this school year and what's next to come, we'll save that for another post though). We're still trying to potty train, she'll go a little most of the time, but she won't come and tell me, or sign, that she has to go, instead she comes to me when she's done and whines. I've tried keeping record and come up with the schedule of taking her every 1 1/2 hours to every 2 hours. We're gonna keep trying and that's her goal for 2010 - even if she doesn't want to do it. The Speech therapist and teachers are all enforcing the sign "potty" and thoroughly talking to her about it, so we shall see........

~My Personal Christmas Wish WAS Granted~

All I every wanted from the time Tru was first diagnosed was to understand what was going on and going to become of my precious lil' girl. That's when I found a support group on Yahoo, with amazing people who are my closest and most inspiring of my extended family to date. A group of dedicated parents, myself included, had enough will power and drive to start a non-profit for people just like my baby girl. Well rite before Christmas we got the acceptance letter that grants the non-profit 501(c)3 status. I couldn't think of a better Christmas wish and felt so much joy I jumped up and down and did a little jig in front of my computer as I read the e-mail. It's amazing what can be accomplished now a days with communication technology =) .....just a thought, but so very true.....
~Have a Beautiful Day~

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