Wednesday, October 6, 2010

~Time for an upgrade~

Well, my darling son has lost all but like 3 of Tru's PEC magnets and as I was finding newer pictures and upgrading her PEC communication, I found a wonderful site with a pictionary dictionary. Tru's speech therapist and I talked about it before the summer started and I did formulate a small pec book with 4 signs, but in the book form Tru just chewed the pages. In a book format she just didn't take to it. So I guess I'm going to make two sets of magnets, one for home and one for school. (That's the goal today~ right after the dishes.) I might have to go buy some more magnet thingys, but I found an awesome site for pictures. Hopefully this doesn't bite me in the __ cause Tru's old PECs was made from pictures I cut out of magazines cause I didn't have a printer - - -now that I think about it I don't even think I have any ink in my printer - - - Here's the site though before I go further off track.

The pictures are pretty generic and Tru does have a tendency to be particular but my hope is that because they are in the same place as the old ones that she's going to make an effort to work with them. I only have 3 of her original pecs the ones for eye glasses, daddy, & brushing her teeth, which is becoming quite a chore.......ugh... but I'm going to finish a set of six for the school and then personalize all the home ones and new things I want to introduce her to. The school has been working really hard with signs and she humors them, never lets on all that she knows. They do wonderful work with her though and she's always eager to get on the bus and smiling when she gets off the bus.

Ok, well, promised the golden boy~Tre' that I would color a picture with him. Then the dishes. I swear.....sometime.

~Have a Beautiful day~

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