Monday, September 29, 2008

So much is going on, ; )

Tomorrow is picture day for Tru! Her class is the most adorable group EVER! I finally got to go in and volunteer last Wednesday. Tru seemed to be having a blast, so much fun in fact, they I was cramping her style. She didn't want to be around me, she was too busy for mommy. I ended up helping her teacher by making BINGO cards, I'm still not done with them. : b Let's see then there was the Parent Group meeting we went to. Well, Tru didn't go, she could have they did offer babysitting services, which is awesome! It's a really great group, we've only met one time, but I was appointed president, so I'm holding out high hopes for it. They've got a lot of great things planned for the kids that the group helps pay for, so there's gonna be lots of fundraisers we're holding. I interacted with one of the mom's last year, she's the one who nominated me, " I think Tru's mom would be good at it."lol That's what all the kids at the center call me, "Tru's mom" I never do get tired of hearing it though. I've fallen off the beaten path though. . . There are some really great field trips planned. On Oct. 17th they are holding the Daddy's Field Trip. The Daddy's are gonna take them to the Museum in Owensboro. Scottie lee has already put in for the day off, even though there is a possibility that he'll already be off. He wants me to go with them, but I figure it's the Daddy's field trip for a reason, so I hate to say it put I'm not going with them, even though I would really like to, but in all probability I will end up going, The school is having it's fall festival on Oct. 10th, I've volunteered to paint faces : b

Wednesday, we have a doctor's appointment at Riely's Children's Hospital. They changed our time on us too. It was 9 in the morning and now it's 1 in the afternoon, agh... It's not for anything major, just a check up, but I do so ever hate the flippin' drive. My mother is attending with me, so at least I'll have an extra set of hands, which I'll need for Tre'. We're taking her vehicle which means more space too, so YEAH! I'll let cha'll know how it goes.

~Have a Beautiful Day~

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