Thursday, September 18, 2008


Tru is doing amazing in school. Her speech is picking up along with her fine and gross motor skills. She actually crawled up the slide and went down it by herself yesterday. She is becoming more independent every day. She is also becoming quite the little helper now too. She tries to help me pull up her pants & she is more likely to get things and give them to me. My favorite part of the whole schooling thing though is the homework that is assigned to her. I have to read to her every day, I use to try to read to her every day but she wasn't very interested, but now she expects it and accepts it. I would almost go as far to say that she enjoys it. Especially when I get all silly and do the voices and try to include her in the story. At the end of two weeks we send in the sheet that we keep track of what we've read and she gets to pick out a prize from the TREASURE CHEST. I really love this new school. I can't say enough good things about it and the people that work there. I haven't had the chance to actually volunteer in the school because of the new baby, who is growing so quickly, but they do send home things for me to do. I spent over 4 1/2 hours coloring award certificates that are going to be given out this week. I enjoyed every minute of it. I sat Tru down and she colored on her paper while I worked on the certificates. I got so into that I even put stickers on them and all I was asked to do was color them, but I couldn't help myself. lol. Next week is our first parents meeting. If there are enough people there they are going to vote on members for the policy council and parents council, my only concern is that they won't let me be on both of them. I want to be as involved as possible and will take on everything if they'll let me. I'll be sure to let everyone know how that goes when the time comes.

Tru is adjusting to Tre' quite well. She doesn't like it when he cries though. She seems to be comforted when we tell her that he's okay and explain what is wrong with him. On day I had her sitting at the table eating her lunch and he started crying really loud. I swear she said, "What's wrong?" I didn't let the question faze me, even though she rarely speaks so well, I told her he was hungry too & she said "Oh." and went back to eating while I fixed Tre's bottle up and fed him.

I'm always encouraging her to be a big girl and SHOW her baby brother how to do things, such as feeding herself, picking up her toys, getting dressed. I think it has motivated her some what cause she is really making great strides in these past couple of weeks. I know alot of that has to do with being back in school. I've made up my mind that this summer she is going to have to do a play group or something so she doesn't have any regression like she did last year.

She has accepted that Tre' isn't going anywhere, but she still doesn't really love on him though. She refused to hold him when she's sitting on the couch. She doesn't mind it when we hang out in her room with her and play, but she doesn't want to touch him at all. She's coming around though. She's starting to sit next to us and climb up on the bed with us instead of avoiding us and shutting herself in her room. I really do believe that she was mad a me for having him, but she seems to be getting over it. I just know that in a few years those two will be inseparable & be the best of friends.

Well, I've got many things that need to get done.


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