Wednesday, August 20, 2008


It's amazing & a total relief. Through the Headstart program Tru is eligible to receive a voucher to help pay for her glasses. As a matter of fact there may not be any out of pocket expense for us. They'll run our insurance first, of course, but I've been having issues w/ getting in contact with the CSHS insurance Tru got when she was in First Steps. I've been on the phones most of the last week trying to get everything lined up for her this school year. I've gotten the screenings and intial meetings out of the way. The speech therapist is set up & I've sent notices out to the PT & OT ladies to try to get that lined up. She only has 10 days till she starts. . . . I'm running low on time, but mostly everything is in line. I'm waiting on the Coordinator to call me back as I type, if their eye doctor makes the glasses right there in their office, I'm going to switch to him. I've heard really good things about him and he past the background investigation I conduct personally. It is a bit of a drive to see this eye doctor, but he's well worth it I'm told. No horror stories or terrible experiences have been reported, lol. I'm so excited about the new school year for her. She's gonna have a blast, when the teachers where here doing the screening, she was just a giggly while drawing and sitting at the table with one of the teachers.

Have a beautiful day!

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