Thursday, August 7, 2008


Tru is talking so much more. She's got bye bye down. She's said baby a couple of times in the past couple days too. What takes the cake though, is a cousin asked Tru who was coming toward her, it was the cousin's daughter, and Tru said the little girls name just as plain as day. Tru has played with her before and enjoys her company. It was awesome though to see her display that kind of recognizing.

Well it looks like this school year she may not receive OT & PT as I had hoped. Since she is in the Headstart now, the therapists at the public school are not available to her. Or at least that is my understanding as of now. I'm in the process of corresponding back and forth to find out more about it. Either way though, I have weighed the pros and cons of going to the Headstart versus the Preschool & I still like Tru's odds in the Headstart. She may only receive Speech therapy, but the simple fact that there are only 18 kids & 8 or 9 teachers, where as the preschool has 30 kids & 3 teachers. She needs that hands on attention to learn & both Scottie Lee & I agree that the Headstart will be better for her this year. I'm not knocking the public school, but the Headstart is our best option this year.

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