Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break Activities

Even though Tru was only at school two days last week, I felt like I missed out on our daily play activities. So Tru and I went all out for Easter. We dyed eggs, colored pictures of bunnies and eggs, painted pictures of eggs, and then had our own Easter egg hunt. And then we did what she loves the most. We spent most of Saturday outside. I set her up on her Dora Power wheel and let her go. She drove all over the place. It's a good thing that we have lots of open space cause that little power wheel doesn't want to steer at all. I broke out the bubbles and she was in heaven, just giggling and smiling. Technology in Bubbles is the greatest! I had two automatic bubble machines going and the entire yard was full of them. The joy that Tru got out of it just warmed me inside. Such little things can have such a wonderful affect on her. I can only imagine what a difficult time it will be to send her to school next week again. I am trying to reshape her routines so that she will take a nap at school from 1 to 2. She isn't doing to bad. Hopefully the weather will warm up a bit so I can take her to the park this week while she is on break. It was too chilly outside today. When we got back from the store I let Tru out of the car and was going to let her run around for awhile, but I guess it was too chilly for her cause she went and sat on the porch step and waited for me to help her up after I took all the bags in. I do believe that was the first time in a long time that she went inside willingly. Usually she has a screaming fit. I do have some tricks up my sleeves to enable her to have a productive yet fun spring break. She won't be attending therapies, so she's going to have to tolerate sessions of learning with mom.

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