Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The First Week of School

Well, the first week of school is over. The first day was so hard for me. I stayed for two hours with her. I felt like I was in the way though, and a couple of the older girls were very disruptive and made me feel like crying. They couldn't understand why she kept yelling, why she was still in diapers, or why she wouldn't play with them. Tru has never really had the opportunity to be around so many other children. The class that Tru is in is composed of 3, 4, & 5 year olds. The older girls really worry me. The little boys take to her though. On the first day, Tru had a fit when entering the room from therapy, a little boy named Kyle helped calm her down by rolling the ball with her and holding her hand. That was when I felt comfortable in leaving. Bless that little boy's heart! When I got there to pick Tru up at 2:30, Kyle asked Tru if she knew his name. She smiled and grabbed his hand. That was when I asked his name. I told him she would need his help to learn and he said, "I know, it's ok". The second day I dropped Tru off and left shortly after, I left and she didn't even notice because she was too busy playing. I ran to Wal-Mart and bought two dozen plastic eggs and stuffed them with chocolate candies. I came back at 12:30 and she was laying down for nap time. She had just fallen asleep, and they had trouble getting her to lay down. I knew that was going to happen. For the last three years she has been taking her nap in a pitch black room by herself. I couldn't blame her for not wanting to rest. After the nap the rest of her class went to the commons area and sang songs to their grandparents. We walked up their and listened to them, it was so cute. Tru ran over to a lady who was wearing a coat just like Scott's. We went back to the room and I sang her a couple rounds of London's bridge before she lost all interest in me and headed for the door. We walked to the dome and helped set up eggs for the egg hunt. She ran all over the gym picking up eggs and looking at them and then tossing them to the side. She walked up to one of her teachers and held her hand. They went to get the rest of the class. On the way back she fell out of line and Kyle caught her hand and helped me get her back to the gym. They had the egg hunt, by this time Tru could of cared less about the eggs. She started to get upset and saying bye bye and clutching on to me. I brought her to the side and calmed her down with some songs and finger plays. The rest of the class and their grandparents did a parachute activity. Tru and I watched from the sidelines, but we went through the movements of going up really high with our arms and coming back down really low. She then kicked back on me and watched the parachutes going up and down and waving all over the place. When I was collecting her Easter basket she got knocked over by another five year old. It was totally an accident, but she fell over top of Tru and stepped on her hand. The little girl was very distressed and said she was sorry, but Tru just wailed hid her face against me. I reassured the little girl it was okay and I knew she didn't mean to hurt her. Tru's right hand is swelled up and she's got two little marks under her left eye. We left shortly after, upon the advice of the head teacher. I got her home and she's been fine. Well, it was a pretty good first week, all in all, I guess. I have already noticed that she is using different sounds in her jabbering and not 'chanting' like she usually does. Next week is spring break, so she'll get a break.

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