Tuesday, March 11, 2008

School Conference today

Today Tru and I went up to the school for her case conference. Scottie, my husband, really wanted to come, but had to work. We got to the school around 8:20. I am so amazed with the reaction Tru has to the school. As soon as we pull up in the parking lot, she grins and giggles. Tru was none to pleased when we went into the office though. She wanted to explore the halls and classrooms, not sit in the office and do what HAD to be done. We met with the principal, school pshysocologist, and the general education teacher. They were all very nice and understanding. We went through Tru's goals and the way her therapies would be set up. There will be three therapists, Physical, Occupational, and Speech. They will met with her individually for 30 minutes a week. Except the Speech therapist, she will be meeting with her for 30 minutes almost everyday Tru goes to school. The school day last from 8 o'clock to 2:30. She'll go in Mon. Tues. and Wed. Her first day will be on March 17. I do believe that this is harder on me then her. The people at the school explained all of the goals to me and answered all my questions. The biggest question that I had was could I attend some of her classes too. They said that wasn't a problem. So Monday I am going to go to class with her. I am hoping that by attending Monday with her, I will put my mind at ease. Tuesday there is an Easter party in her class at 1 so I have to be there for that. Wednesday I couldn't go with her if I wanted because I have to be in my Political Science class. I will be dropping her off and picking her up every day though. Maybe next year she can ride the bus. If Mommy can learn to loosen up my grip some. We will see when we get there.

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