Sunday, November 30, 2008

**Moving right along**

Well, now that the Thanksgiving holiday is over, the IEP is done, doctor appointments are scheduled for the month of December, Tru's gotten her new full strength glasses, school fund raising is winding down till the spring, & I'm caught up with my online class I can tell everyone what Tru's new Individual Education Plan is.

We are taking a step backwards in hopes that it will make the next few steps forward easier. They are wanting her to FULLY complete tasks, (i.e. putting all the blocks away,helping clean up toys, remain at the activities center the entire time, which is only like 15 minutes.) Verbalizing at least 10 times a day (that means not giving her what she wants until she talks, I'm sure it's going to be fun) Learn to approach other children in a friendly manner, sit and listen to a book for ten minutes, communicate her wants and needs through signs,words, pecs whatever she is more comfortable with (that means everyone else has to be a little more observant, lol, she communicates more then they are giving her credit for you just have to be a tune with her.), walk up five steps, scribble to fill a 1/2 page 50% of the time. She does most of these things for me already, but I have to help her 75% of the time. I know she knows how to do it, it's just a matter of doing it every day on a consistent basis.

Other then that, school is wonderful for her. She participated in a short play. She was a maiden and shook a bottle with rice in it. She had to be cued by her friend and the teacher had to encourage her to stop, but it was adorable. I forgot my camera though, sorry no pictures. She was cute in her plaid skirt, white polyester shirt, and lace apron. Needless to say she was hot & was ready to get out of the thing at the end of the 20 minute performance.

One more note, Tru has been chasing my indoor dog. Lucky, that's the dog, has always been good with her. He is a chihuahua/rat terrier mix, really small. She follows him around the house, either crawls or walks behind him. This is a great thing. She use to just touch him and go about her own merry way, but now she is interested in what he's doing and won't leave him alone. Lucky eats it up though. lol. It's a sight the two of them.

~Have a wonderful day~

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