Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mom's Movie Day

Well, I finally got to go on my first field trip with Tru. I was so worried she wasn't going to enjoy herself, just like the Halloween party we held, but I was so very wrong. She sat through the entire movie except for the last 10-15 minutes. WHAT A SUCCESS! No screaming or yelling, she just sat there eating her popcorn and drinking her sweet tea. If I must say so myself, she was better behaved then some of the other kids. We didn't go with the rest of the class to eat McDonald's though. I took her to the park for awhile and enjoyed it being just me and her. We had the run of the merry-go-round, which delighted her to no end.

I don't think I have mentioned it before on the blog, but we are trying a product called the Miracle Belt. Right now she only wears it for 15-30 minutes a day 5-6 times a day. It really seems to be helping her some, even when she's not wearing it, I can see some improvement in her over all, already & it's only been a couple of days since she started wearing it. Basically what it is, is an extra 2 1/2 pounds centered around her waist in the front. It doesn't bother her when I put it on or take it off, so we're keeping to it.

Another IEP meeting is planned for next week. It'll be interesting to see where Tru is at on the curve now. I'm sure it's still isn't up to the expectations of others, but I'm very proud of her and how far she has come. I praise all accomplishments no matter how big or small. Tru's teacher is the same way, she really is wonderful with her. The entire staff is. Which makes me wonder if I didn't get 'accidentally on purpose' to speak with the review and compliance board, next week, about the services offered at Tru's school.

Which brings us to Tru's glasses. She has adjusted well to them and has another eye appointment next week also. The glasses that she currently wears 95% of the time aren't as strong as they should be, so the doctor may up the strength on the lens. This would be good because Tru came home from school on Thursday with her glasses all scratched up and a scratch on her nose and underneath it. Their wasn't a viable explanation offered & Tru can't tell me so.........hmmmmm.

~Have a Beautiful Day~


Josh's World said...

How nice to be able to sit through a movie together. That is wonderful. Good luck with Tru's IEP. They are usually pretty fun. lol The do sell t shirts that say IEP and underneath it says Involved Educated Parent. When Josh was in public school I always thought about buying him one and sending him to school in it on IEP day. Good Luck!

Phoenix & Tru said...

I so want one of those shirt. I'm gonna keep my eyes open for it.