Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~A Lucky Little Girl~

With summer in full swing and a routine finally down pat, I've found some spare time to update this blog that I've been neglecting a bit much, along with a million other things, the only excuse that I really have is that I've been learning to fully enjoy not having to work and getting to stay home with my darling, growing children. This is personally the first summer that that I've not had a job in over 10 years, and it's taken some getting use to but it's coming along well....despite two things that were bumps in the road.

1. Tru had a couple spells were she broke out of the house....

2. There after, she jumped into our pond........TWICE

(Sparing the frightening details, she was rescued by her great uncle & the greatest neighbor in history, both times) 7 days after the 1st escape and jumping, we finished the fencing all the way around the pond, which I've wanted since before Tru was even born. And instead of just reveling in that accomplishment, Tru's daddy went out and bought her a pool, it's only waist high on her, but never the less it's another body of water I've got to keep an eye on.

Tru's rescuer swears that she was actually swimming so now she is receiving lessons in the pool, she's got the floating thing down and moving like a frog, she likes to do it face down though, scares the hell out of me, but she can hold her breath for up to 45 seconds, possibly longer but I'm never gutsy enough to let her carry on that way and I'm always snatching her up and interfering with her good times. There has always been an amazement with how well she does in the water, but I'm starting to believe that it's her calling. Can anyone say Special Olympics??? Their branch here seems to be pretty active and is always working with parent groups and the community. We've done a few things with them, but with Tru only being 6 we're still pretty new to the circuit where she can participate. The first big thing was a 5k walk, that got rained out, we certainly did have fun training for the event though.

Tru certainly is fearless, and we are looking forward to her getting to ride the roller coasters at Holiday World in Santa Claus, Indiana - 20 mins down the road from us. She's about 2 inches too short for any of their 3 wooden roller coasters, but we certainly do enjoy the water park and water rides. Her and I are both starting to slim down with all the running about, swimming, and having a good time. It's wonderful to watch her thrive, and I feel comfortable that there will be no regression this summer has there has been in the past.

(In an effort to be more organized I've schedule more time for blogging later in the week. ; )

~Have A Beautiful Day~


Jenny said...

Hey I totaly know what your feeling with the escaping the house and the water thing. Taylor gets out all the time. We have chains on the top half of all the doors. She gets out and goes everywhere. I don't have a pond but any time we are around water I know she will just jump in. Thank heavens for your neighbors. My sister in law lives next door and always calls when Taylor is outside just to make sure I know shes out again. lol I'm counting down the days until school starts cause there is never a dull moment at home. Hang in there.

Jenny said...

Oh and congrats on being able to stay home with your kids. It does take some getting used to. But enjoy as much as you can all the time you get to spend with them.